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DataStation Version 1.1.0

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Integrate iMIS with the Internet of Things

Automated sending and receiving data has never been easier. Create jobs that export and send data (JSON, CSV, etc) to 3rd parties (LMS, Certifying Boards, Fullfillment Houses).  Receive notifications as needed (Success/Failure).  Webhook functionality to allow those 3rd parties to write information (Activities) back to iMIS (Program Completion, Certification, Orders).

2019 RiSE App Challenge People's Choice Winner

Review the status of inbound and outbound transfers on your dashboard and via email notifications.

Push all or just changed data to third parties in your format of choice (i.e., JSON over HTTP; CSV over FTP/SFTP).

Determine your own schema to receive post data into iMIS and write custom activities to records based on that incoming data.

System Requirements

Requires iMIS 2017, iMIS 2020, or iMIS Cloud.

Release Notes Version 1.1.0

There are no release notes to display at this time.