Reimagine the possibilities.


Change the unchangeable? You bet.

If you’ve ever wanted to adjust something on a RiSE, iPart, or Public View page but couldn’t, now you can. PageFilter makes it possible. This ingenious product allows technical consultants to be able to change what was previously unalterable! Best of all, the changes you make remain in place, even when you upgrade. There’s no need to keep track of what was changed, when you changed it, or where it was altered. Say goodbye to tedium and frustration, and say hello to maximum control and efficiency.

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Customize iMIS RiSE, iParts, and Public View websites with ease.

Adjust the appearance to suit your needs:
Using a simple interface, make changes to an existing website’s appearance in no time, including text replacement, image and/or text removal, and URL redirects.

Preserve your changes:
Changing underlying text on your web server means that modifications are lost with each upgrade. With PageFilter, your changes are always retained, even when you upgrade.

Active and de-activate customizations on the fly:
PageFilter allows you to make temporary changes that can be readily turned on and off as needed. Want the logout button to take visitors to an event splash page? You can make it happen! Once the event is over, you can easily turn it off and return to normal functioning.

Customize what you thought you couldn’t. PageFilter makes it easy to extend your website’s capabilities and drive value for users.