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Admin Tools

Facilitate administrator accessibility and ease of use.

Time is a valuable commodity for everyone. When you enable users to manage their own functions and accounts, it removes the headaches and ultimately frees up time in the day. In addition, CSI’s administrative console provides efficient access to critical administrative areas. That means your IT staff spends less time servicing accounts while giving your customer service staff more control. It’s a win-win solution for everyone!

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Welcome to a streamlined, user-friendly interface.

All administrative tools are not created equal. Some are challenging and complex, while others are simple but may not offer much in their capabilities. CSI has found the optimal solution with a suite of straightforward and intuitive tools yet equally robust. Everyday admin tasks of your choosing become readily accessible to staff, alleviating the drain on your IT department. With a virtual arsenal of user-friendly, time-saving administrative features at your disposal, association management operations enjoy an added dose of efficiency.

With CSI’s admin tools, your staff members can readily:

  • Manage financial transactions
  • Perform basic membership functions
  • Review and update inventory
  • Manage fundraising gifts and pledges
  • Process event registrations
  • Run membership reports
  • Manage organizational websites
  • And more!

Merge duplicate records on the fly and according to your own business rules with iMerge.

Ensure that your mailings reach your supporters, while you save money, with iMove.

Keep your costs down by keeping your shipping rates up to date, with Freight Rate Importer.

Run accounting reports directly from iMIS and convert your files immediately with GL Processor.

Get the ultimate iMIS system and database documentation tool with iDocument.

Customize iMIS RiSE, iParts, and Public View websites with ease, all with PageFilter.

For an array of hardworking administrative tools that are streamlined, effective, and easy to use, rely on CSI.