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Activity Importer Plus Version 1.7.0

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Import and update activities in iMIS.

Activity Importer Plus, also known as AI+, is a product that allows a user to import unique activities into their iMIS database. AI+ also allows a user to create new activities from an IQA. Do you use an outside system for gifts, but need that information in iMIS? AI+ can also handle the importing of gifts, including all of the historical and transactional data of the gifts.

Import any type of activity record data. It’s the perfect solution for importing calls, event attendance, and even committee participation.

Use an IQA query to create activities. It’s a great feature for marketing segmentation.

Have the same file to import monthly? Just re-select the template, select the file, and click Import. It’s that easy.

Need to update Activities already in iMIS? You can do that too.

This optional feature makes it easy for you to import actual fundraising, historical and transactional data.

System Requirements

Requires Windows 7 and iMIS 15.2 or higher.

Release Notes Version 1.7.0 — Released December 13, 2021

  1. Fix UI to match setup with preview
  2. Fix labels for units and quantity fields.
  3. In SQL mode UNITS and QUANTITY fields display correctly, Date and Activity type now show SQL fields
  4. SALES and ORDERS activity types now have instructions in warning
  5. Fix issue with handling NULL or blank dates.
  6. Add soft credit ID tab to fund raising to allow soft credits to be imported along with gifts.
  7. Fix issue with time handling for transaction dates in stored procedures
  8. Update handling of blank values in spreadsheets
  9. Core Licensing Upgrade
  10. Update handling of Notes and Follow-up fields longer than 255 characters

Activity Importer Plus is working wonderfully. I cannot believe how much time it is saving me!

Lynne McGuire, Professional Insurance Agents of Ohio