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We had an issue a week or so ago with importing Committee records - it was reported, reviewed by CSI and resolved within 2 business days. I still had an issue after the resolution, which turned out to be user error. Response to the initial issue as well as all the follow-up was timely and thoughtful. I highly recommend iDMS to enhance your iMIS experience.

Before we had FRease, a simple edit to a posted gift was over 10 minutes! Now with FRease, it is under 10 seconds! Our Fundraising data is clean and accurate and best of all, our auditors are happy too!

Text manager really does make it easy to send mass text messages. With it we were able to engage with users who would have otherwise tuned out our emails. We also love the ability to build dynamic messages, that are short and sweet. We have had great success using the text manager tool with our younger members.

I wish we had known about iMerge sooner! This is the product we have been dreaming about since we started using iMIS. Our duplicates are gone – and it was quick and easy to get rid of them with custom search criteria based on our needs. iMerge is a lifesaver.

CSI has earned our trust over the past seven years. From our initial iMIS conversion to upgrades and support, we know CSI will be there for whatever our organization requires.

We have just purchased this product for AMCA and it is a must have for iMIS Cloud.

We are very happy with iMove and CSI. They are a great company to work with.

After we migrated to iMIS Enterprise (Cloud), we discovered information that was missed during the conversion. iDMS has been invaluable in fixing the seemingly small data issues that would have taken many hours of manual work, or required us to pay someone to write scripts to do the updates. We use it weekly to import data from our external LMS. It’s great to be agile enough to respond to business needs immediately, rather than telling the leadership team that their requests can’t be implemented without additional cost. It’s amazing to be able to show staff that they don’t need to keep all of those spreadsheets, because iMIS can truly be a 360° solution.

Any problems that we had were addressed quickly. The people at CSI are great to work with.