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Chapter-Based Associations

Give ineffective, disjointed information the boot.

When you’re dealing with multiple chapters, consistency can be a challenge. That’s why having a centralized repository of accurate, up-to-date information is so essential. iMIS provides that unified hub for all of your chapter information, making data silos and complexities a thing of the past. And it gives you greater member insights, too, driving those all-important connections to generate greater impact.

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chapter based association

Hand your chapters the keys to their success.

As the base of leadership and guidance for your organization, headquarters staff should be focused on the big picture and advancing your mission. Keep them out of the weeds by giving chapters oversight of routine daily tasks like managing rosters and member updates. They’ll appreciate the autonomy and your overworked headquarters staff will, too. When it comes to chapter-based associations and the unique challenges you face, nobody gets it better than CSI.  From forging stronger relationships with chapters, to maximizing fundraising efforts, improving financials, growing your member base and beyond, we’ve literally done it all. By combining our extensive experience with the technical might of iMIS, your organization stands to gain an unbeatable competitive edge.

For more than three decades, CSI has been innovating technology tools for chapter-based associations. We can help you get the competitive edge you’re seeking.