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Innovative solutions for nonprofits of all types and sizes

Just as every client is unique, so is every digital journey.

At CSI, we recognize and celebrate those differences. Do you operate with a large staff or just a few employees? Are your members individuals, chapters, other organizations, or a bit of all three? Just because you operate a nonprofit, it doesn’t mean your operations are like other nonprofits. Your DNA is exclusive, your culture is unique, and your mission is yours alone. All our solutions are tailored and adapted for your specific needs – one size does not fit all. It makes a big difference when you’re using solutions created with you in mind. How do we accomplish this? We maintain a ratio of clients to staff that is the lowest in the industry. That means you get unparalleled attention and care, and you get a strategic partner in your corner helping drive innovative and thoughtful solutions that meet your specific needs.

Connected solutions built to meet membership engagement needs.

Your meaningful work isn’t about mundane, repetitive tasks. It’s about connecting with members and spreading the word about the vital contributions you’re making to the world. Our reimagined iMIS solutions allow you to break free from labor-intensive processes so you can focus on the big picture. Routine communications become a breeze while targeted content keeps members engaged and excited about their involvement in your organization. We work hard to deliver original technology solutions that serve your members fully and effectively, both now and in the future.
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Tech that brings your mission to life.

Digital experiences have evolved at a tremendous rate, causing your members to expect a high level of digital service, and if you can’t provide it, their participation and engagement will suffer. iMIS allows you to meet your members in the digital space and exceed their desires for content, interactivity, and education. When CSI steps in to extend those impressive capabilities even further, the sky is the limit. It’s our mission to help organizations like yours become the best and most sustainable they can be, using innovative technology to nurture connection and financial success. Over the past three decades, we have been honored to partner with hundreds of mission-driven organizations across the nation. We’ve been a part of some amazing journeys, and we’re just getting started.

Whether you’re looking for a new AMS, a new technology partner, or innovative ways to do more with your iMIS investment, CSI has the creative energy and technical expertise to fulfill your vision.