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March 16, 2021

iMIS Data Management Suite Webinar

Presented by Doug Morris

Time: 11am ET, 3pm GMT


The iMIS Data Management Suite has undergone significant changes in the last few months.  Even if you attended the ASI webinar in January, we know this next one is even better.

What customers are doing with the iMIS Data Management Suite is even beyond what we had imagined. Here’s just some of what we are seeing:

  • Customers on iMIS 2017 are using it to automate updates without having a custom (programmer created) stored procedure.
  • Customers on iMIS Cloud are using it to do things they never thought possible – such as unlocking accounts nightly.
  • Both iMIS 2017 and Cloud customers are inserting and updating using spreadsheets populated by volunteers.

In this webinar, we will show you more on how the combination of iImport Cloud, iUpdate Cloud, and iSchedule are enabling iMIS customers to focus on their true mission with a set and forget approach to data management.