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Sustainable Solutions

Intuitive, upgradeable, and simple software. That’s what we call sustainable.

It's what we strive for and what you deserve.

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You know the term … that which you excel at. We are excellent makers, sellers and implementers of sustainable software solutions for the not-for-profit marketplace. We are expert consultants, developers and designers.

We are innovators, too, since 1991! Check out our award-winning product line.

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Hocus Focus

Yes, iMIS is our game. If it’s your game, too, and you’re looking for a fully-integrated web experience for your staff, members and visitors, we deliver like no other. Ask us about Kentico CMS … as website management goes, it’s magical!

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Activity Importer Plus

iMIS Add-On Solution

Import and update activities in iMIS.


iMIS Add-On Solution

Update gifts and pledges after they have been posted.

Freight Rate Importer

iMIS Add-On Solution

North America Only

Keep your costs down by keeping your shipping rates up to date.


iMIS Web Solution

Engage your members online by using the configurable, user-friendly portal, ICE.


iMIS Add-On Solution

Document your iMIS and database environments.


iMIS Web Solution

A single web page solution for online giving.


iMIS Add-On Solution

Integrates with iMIS and OutlookTM.


iMIS Add-On Solution

Insert and update data into your iMIS database.


iMIS Web Solution

Collect geolocation data for custom content and more.


iMIS Add-On Solution

Rapidly merge duplicate membership records.


iMIS Add-On Solution

USA Only

Ensure compliance with postal regulations.

Meeting Closer

iMIS Add-On Solution

Close the event, keep the data!


iMIS Web Solution

Customize iMIS Public View and RiSE with ease.

Profile Editor

iMIS Web Solution

Collect the member profile data you want, write it to iMIS.

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